Vietnam, The Music Video Editing Project

We were once hired for a music video shoot that never occurred.
We were forced to assume that it had been cancelled.
Then a phone call came to VizTV Media Services from a familiar looking phone number.
We answered.

The young fellas who hired us to produce the music video for their beloved “Vietnam” song, had indeed completed the process. They completed the process with another cinematographer. After classfully removing the dagger, we visited with the young men of Mobb Boy Entertainment (who previously hired us to film their performance at the Toc Bar which isn’t on this website!) to discuss editing the footage they compiled for their music video.

The final result follows. (Watch in HD)
(Rated PG-13 by VizTV Media Staff for Strong Language and Violence)

This was a challenging video edit with some great clips delivered to us, and some not so great. It was challenging for the mere fact that we always work to find a new way to push the bar in each project and the Vietnam project is no exception.

Needless to say, we over delivered on this project by even throwing in a promotional graphic, that we designed, which is what we’re using for promotional purposes as well as the cover (video thumbnail) for the Vietnam video on YouTube which you can see below.

Don’t disregard our lack of mention for the precise, perfectly synced, epic harmony of a BOSS edit. Of coarse we have another happy client. They love the video. We love the video.

We consider this a job well done.

Vietnam Music Video Cover

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Vietnam, The Music Video Editing Project