Everything on the web needs decent, crisp graphics to pop, and more importantly, be taken seriously by the user. Our friends at Gemini Entertainment Group, 1 part celebrity booking services, 1 part fierce marketers, understand this value very well. However, like most busy entrepreneurs and small businesses, paltry tasks like hunting down a graphic designer takes a back seat to actually running the business.

An Existing VizTV Media Client

Craig Wilson heads up Gemini Entertainment Group and during a VizTV Media training session on web management, the website header graphic came up in a discussion.

See it below.

The old Gemini Entertainment Group website header.

The point of the conversation was that since we had already redesigned the Gemini website, and are currently working on cleaning it up (Better organizing and cataloging the content.), we may as well give the branding graphic, and the logo, a refresh.

Mr. Wilson agreed.

The newer graphic for the Gemini Entertainment Group website, designed by VizTV Media, is below.

Graphic Design by VizTV Media for Gemini Entertainment Group

Notables of the Branding Redesign

As you may be able to pick up, we didn’t get overly radical with the new design because we promised to keep it in the same spirit as the old website header graphic.

However, we did go off the deep end (a little) with the 3 dimensionalizing (We’re not sure if that’s a word but we created it because term:extrude is boring to us.) of the Gemini logo. We twisted it and wrapped it around a cutout of the Denver skyline (Gemini Entertainment Group relocated from Houston, TX to Denver, CO so we didn’t have the honor of using the Houston skyline as we would have preferred.) which we edited, and made changes to the fonts of the text.

Unfortunately, we aren’t entirely happy with this work, but it is a supreme upgrade over the former. The old header had its own qualities though. I mean it was simple, relaxed, concise, and to the point.

It did have a “dated” look though.

We saved the composition file for the new header graphic in the event we decide to upgrade it again, which is highly likely.

Something is Missing

It feels like its (the new one) missing something though. The good news is that the upgrade of the Gemini Entertainment Group website is still in underway, so maybe we can get away from the black background because I think that’s whats holding it back, but all in all, a strong upgrade. We’re proud of the work.

Supplemental Graphics

“Thou shalt not upgrade only one graphic.”

Gemini Entertainment Login Screen

As if we would leave our client with half the work. They may not know there are other graphics that should be included in the package, but we do. We don’t half step with our clients.

Celebirty booking in Denver

We decided to throw in some extras to show our appreciation for the long relationship. We updated the login screen graphic, composed a new booking graphic, and rendered the new Gemini Entertainment Group logo in the event that another graphic designer may need it for future updates.

Gemini 3d - 1

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Banner Redesign Project for Gemini Ent Group